Between Elainea Allen
DBA Yorkies by Elainea
and Customer listed below

When you take possession of Yorkies by Elainea’s Yorkshire Terrier

puppies, you are making a promise to and agree with Elainea Allen,

DBA Yorkies by Elainea, that you will have your 12 week or older

puppy’s Wellness visit with a licensed veterinarian of your choice

within the first 2 days of receiving your 12 week or older Yorkshire

Terrier puppy. If your yorkie puppy, in the opinion of your

Veterinarian, doesn’t agree with Elainea Allen’s Veterinarians

reports or opinion and claims it has a physical problem that is life

threatening, Elainea Allen can provide you with a healthy exchange

puppy or refund of purchase price, minus $450 retainer scheduled

pickup date fee. Elainea Allen will then take possession of the said

puppy in question. All puppies are placed in good faith by being

very healthy along with a Health Report and shot records. First

wellness checks between 10 & 12 weeks old, are provided by South

Side Vet Clinic Waldron, AR 479-637-2740. They welcome your call.


All puppies are video taped to show how active and happy they are

while at Elainea Allen’s home. The tape can be viewed on Elainea’s

Yorkies Face Book page under the Video sections.


To reserve the visitation date and time for pickup of said puppy,

You have agreed that you want to reserve this puppy at the age of

seven week old or older with a non-refundable
visitation and

pickup date
fee in the amount of $450, retainer. And understand

and agrees that Yorkies by Elainea will not show or sell this said

puppy during this time. In the event that you the Client and

Customer cancels pick up or fails to keep this said puppy in your

possession for any reason, that the $450
retainer shall be forfeited

by Client and paid to Yorkies by Elainea, Elainea Allen as liquidated

form reserving the visitation date and pickup date.


You have agreed that all pages of the Vet Report will be signed by

you, the customer and your attending veterinarian and having the

examination within the first 48 hours of arrival into your home.

Failure to have a wellness visit and contracts signed and sent back

to Elainea Allen is failure to comply with our agreement of this



This guarantee does not include Hypoglycemia (Low Sugar or

Sugar Shock.)
I will always take a puppy back to get it over the low

sugar issues. As with any small breed LOW SUGAR ISSUES CAN BE

COMMON. I provide you with the Low Sugar Information and what

to do. The first thing to do is give the syrup or Nutri Vyte that I

provide in packet and call me. 479-577-2650 or text or call

479-637-6773. Allergic reaction of any kind of shots or pill (heart

worm) can cause Low Sugar in any small breed.

At any time during the first 12 months of age if the puppy needs

medical attention for a birth defect,(Heart, Liver or Lungs) then the

amount that would or could be paid by me would be up to the

price you have paid me for the puppy itself, retainer will apply.

Veterinarian expenses not included.


The Vet report must be signed by you the customer and your

attending Veterinarian to keep this contract in effect. The customer

can make a copy to keep for their records and send the original

back to me, Elainea Allen, 10767 Oak Lawn RD, Parks, AR 72950.

DBA Yorkies By Elainea
10767 Oak Lawn RD
Parks, AR 72950

(479) 577-2650

© Yorkies By Elainea. All rights reserved.