Where am I located?

All of these little yorkie puppies are for sale in Arkansas.  They were born and raised at Parks, Arkansas.  You can google my location to see exactly where we are located.  Parks is just a small community with some wonderful neighbors.  Waldron Arkansas is where our school district is located.  We are located fifty miles south of Fort Smith Arkansas on 71 south.  Parks is located on Highway 28 which is west of Little Rock Arkansas about 2 1/2 hours.  And about 2 hours West of Conway Arkansas.  Parks is also located 3 hours East of Tulsa, OK and about 3 1/2 hour East of Oklahoma City, OK.  We are also located 2 1/2 hours North of New Boston, TX. 

 For those that are able to come and visit please do.    I love to have visitors.  So please come if you can. 
Hope to see you soon here in Parks Arkansas where I have yorkie puppies for sale.

How are the Yorkie Puppies shipped? 
The Yorkie Puppies from Yorkies by Elainea are shipped by using American Airlines or Delta.  I ship during the week on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the flights that are available. 
When the yorkie puppy has had its physical and has been oked by my local vet, Dr. Emmett to ship, that is when I decide it is ready for shipping.  I then procede with the flight arrangements.

How much is shipping for a Yorkie Puppy?
The shipping cost for a Yorkie Puppy is $275 when using American Airlines or Delta.  Shipping cost for other airlines will vary depending on which airline you want to use.  I also can provide you with a nanny service.

How do I determine the price of a Yorkie Puppy?

The Yorkie Puppy is priced by who their parents are.  And if they have received their APRI Champion Pedigree.   And the size of the yorkie puppy. 

The Yorkie Puppy over all make up of Hair, Color, Ears and Size also goes into deciding the yorkie pricing.

What size of Yorkie Puppies Do I raise?

I raise different sizes for different individual needs.
There are the Tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppy.  Which according to AKC is only a call name for the tiny yorkie puppy. 
These Tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppies are less than 3 pounds as an Adult Yorkie. 
The Teacup Yorkie Puppies are anything between 3 to 5 pound Yorkie as an adult yorkie. 
The Standard Yorkie Size is from five pounds up to seven pounds.   AKC only reconize the standard size yorkie which is from 5 to 7 pounds.

When Do I post my Yorkie Puppies for sale?
I post my yorkie puppies for sale when they are 12 weeks old. 
The tiny yorkie puppies will be older than 12 weeks because of their tiny size.  If a yorkie puppy weighs 2 1/2 to 3 pounds at 10 weeks then I go ahead and post them for sale.

What is a good size yorkie for someone that has a family?

For a family pet I recommend a Yorkie Puppy that will be 6 pounds or more.  For someone that has really small children I recommend a yorkie puppy over seven pounds.  They make great family pets.

Where do I post my pictures of my yorkie puppies?

The pictures of my Yorkie Puppies are posted under the Available Yorkies.

Where are the prices posted for the yorkie puppies for sale?

Posted under the Available Yorkies there will be four pictures of each available yorkie puppy.  Under each picture will be that puppies personal information like who their parent is, their date of birth, their purchase price, and the date that the pictures were taken.

How do you know that I am honest and will treat your fairly?

I am a member of the Arkansas Better Bureau.  I show the emblem on my webiste.
I have references from past customers on the Guest and Happy Notes and also on the Yorkie Blog sections.  I also use Elainea's Yorkies Face Book.  There is where you can see past customers and all their pictures of their new little babies and all their coments

How long have I been raising Yorkie Puppy?

I bought my first little yorkie, Sammie, in 2000.  And I have been hooked ever since.

Do I guarantee and have a contract for my yorkie puppies?

I do guarantee my yorkie puppies. 
There is also a contract between you, the customer and myself, Elainea Allen.  The contract has to be followed or the guarantee and contract will be voided.

Is the Contract and Guarantee visiable for viewing on the website?

Yes, it is posted under the Contract Section

Am I always available for any questions that you might have?

Yes I am.  Please feel free to give me a call at 479-577-2650 anytime during a reasonable hours. 
Reminder of some Questions to Ask the Breeder:

Remember to begin your search by visiting the AKC Parent Club Web site or contacting the AKC Parent Club Breeder Referral of the breed you are interested in purchasing. AKC Parent Clubs represent a wealth of breed knowledge and are an invaluable resource for prospective puppy buyers. When you are ready to contact a breeder, you should be prepared to ask a lot of questions about the puppy or dog you hope to acquire. Here are some questions to ask:
  • What possible health problems might this dog develop?
  • How big will the dog get?
  • How old will he be before he acts like an adult dog?
  • How protective will the dog be?
  • How often will the dog need to be groomed?
  • How does he get along with other animals?
  • How long can he be left alone at home?
  • How much exercise does the dog need?
  • What are the best training methods for this dog?
Your contact should be willing to answer all of your questions fully. He or she should also ask questions about you, your lifestyle, and your family. If a contact doesn't respond to your inquiries, or doesn't show any interest in the life the dog will lead after it leaves his or her premises, you may want to look elsewhere. A responsible breeder or dedicated Rescue Group member is committed to making a good match between prospective owners and the dogs in their care; that's the kind of person you want on your side as you make the journey into dog ownership.
What is a Teacup Yorkie?

When these words, Teacup, Tiny Teacup,  are used to describe the size of a yorkie, they are only call names.  AKC only reconizes the call name for a yorkie as "Standard."
Teacup is a call name that is used when people are looking for a small yorkie puppy.
These names describe the size of the puppy and their estimated adults size,  At 8 weeks,  Teacup 1.8lb  to 1.12lb,  2 pounds to 2 1/4 Small, 2.8 lb to 3 lbs standard.  Adult sizes can vary.  There is no guarantee that a 1.8 pound puppy at the age of 8 weeks will be a 2 to 4 pounds adult.   This is my opinion only.  AKC only reconizes the size Standard.  Teacup is only a call name for a tiny puppy that doesn't grow very big.
A adult that weighs 5 pounds or less, to me is what I would call a teacup.   An adult that weighs over 5 pounds to 6 pounds is small and 6 pounds to 7 pounds is standard.  Anything over 7 pounds would be considered a great, great, fantastic family pet. 

And remember the word Teacup is only a call name for a little tiny yorkie that doesn't grow very big.  AKC only reconsizes the word Standard for the Yorkie.