Listed below in these e-mails are the parents of the yorkshire puppies that have been adopted already.    Please feel free to read them and look at their new family pet.

Hi Elainea,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Brock is doing.
He went to the vet today and he is the picture of health. He weights two pounds, thirteen ounces.
Had one more shot and we go back in three weeks for more.
The vet was astounded at how well you took care of him in reference to all his shots and the wonderful booklet
you sent along with him.
He sleeps from 10pm till 6am in his cage and does not cry once. Then he is up and ready for fun!
Thanks again for our little bundle of joy!


Wallie being taken home by Billy and Peggy from OK
Wallie being taken home by Billy and Peggy from OK
Subject: Wallie aka (Simon)
Hi Elainea, Just a short note to let you know I’m ok. The ride home to Okla. was great, I like my new family, Bill & Peggy. I had a good supper when I got home went outside and pottyed like a big boy, sleep all night long. Love Simon
Hey Elaina, Wallie aka (Simon) is a great little puppy!!! We love him dearly, he is just a wonderful joy. He is so smart loves to play fetch. And yes he slept in our bed last night with us, we’re probably not going to spoil him. ha ha He’s already passed the sippy cup stage and went right to drinking out of a straw, that’s just how smart he is. more later. Thanks again for the adorable puppy! Sincerely Peggy and Bill.

Hi Elainea!

     I've been meaning to write you for a while now, and I finally got some time. I just want to say thank you for the for bringing 2 families such joy in little Albert. He is so well behaved, has the best disposition, and is DEFINITELY a people dog! As you know, I adopted him as a birthday present for my girlfriend, Alyssa, who 2 years ago, lost her family dog on the day of her birthday. She had seen Albert, and feel in love with him through his pictures on your website.
     He has been nothing but an absolute joy to everyone that he has come in contact with. He is very social, and gets excited whenever company is over, and loves meeting new dog pals around the neighborhood. He absolutely loves his mommy, and sometimes it makes me a little jealous that he always follows her around!
     I would have never thought both our families would love him just as much as Alyssa and I do. Sometimes when my extended family talks to my parents, they even ask how Albert is doing! Alyssa's little brother even begs to have Albert stay in his room at night! Albert gives so much love and affection to everyone, that they can't help but give it all back to him.
     I just wanted to give a little update on the little man, and I hope you enjoy the photos of him too. You did a great job bringing him up as a little puppy, and it definitely shows in little Albert now. Maybe one day we will get Albert a friend, and if we do, we most certainly will be contacting you! Thanks Elainea!

Alec Voccola & Alyssa Bashar
Little Albert with Alica and Alex
Little Albert with Alica and Alex

Hey elainea it's gabbie & this is my Gucci!!
Gucci with Gabbie
Gucci with Gabbie

Little Luke (Bentley) Spoiled rotten
Little Luke (Bentley) Spoiled rotten
How Pretty Luke (Bentley) Turned out to be
How Pretty Luke (Bentley) Turned out to be

Mrs. Elainea,

    This is Sarah Neal and Jeremy Burnett. We bought a yorkie from you a year ago. We wanted to send you some updated photos now that Bentley (formerly Luke) is a year old. Bentley is a great dog. He is very smart and we couldn't love him more. Hope your family had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

Mrs. Elainea,

   Everything is going good. I graduate in May and Jeremy and I are getting married at the end of May. Bentley is doing good as well. He has learned to sit, lay down, and stay. His favorite game is fetch. He is obsessed with tree leaves and tree limbs and has to attack them in the back yard. He does well on his leash and has a carrier that he goes places in. It's funny, all you have to do is mention going somewhere and he's loaded up in the carrier. He was pretty quick at learning to use the pee pad. Unfortunately, I recently moved back home with my parents for my last year of school and they have two male dogs, a chihuahua and a poodle. Since being around these two, Bentley has begun to mark things, even though he's neutered. However, when he's not around them he doesn't do this. The Chihuahua is his best friend. They play fight and play tag team against our cats and Misty the lab. He just went to the vet to get his yearly shots last week so I can tell you that he is now 7 lbs. He is a total bundle of energy that we all love very much. Eventually we hope to get another yorkie, this time a girl. We will definitely be getting one from you because Bentley is a great dog.


Dear Elainea,

    I wanted to let you know that Thomas arrived safe and sound and is SUCH a joy!   EVERY moment in the house sounds like Christmas morning because the kids are giggling non stop.    We have named the puppy Logan Thomas.   We picked him up at Logan airport and for so many days we kept saying " we are picking him up at Logan" that we ended up liking that name.

     He is sitting here with me know and he wants you to know that Spencer and Ella are very gentle with him and spoil him non stop.
This morning he did not want them to leave for school and tried to climb into each of their backpacks!   Then he tried to follow them to the bus!
All I could think about was "Mary has a little lamb".  I will have to start to sing " Ella had a little yorkie".  They were waving to him from inside the bus.
They adore him.

    There is a spot shoveled out of the snow that he goes to for going to the bathroom and he goes every time and then runs run back to the house.
He is so cute!    He loves his bed and pen and all the toys.    My Mom, his Nana, made him a fleece blanket with ties on it that he LOVES!
As soon as Spencer and Ella come home from school he is right there with them.  He loves playing with them, but also likes just sitting on their laps.

    He went to the vet yesterday and they loved him and said he is great.   (We already knew that!)

We also gave him a bath yesterday and he was wonderful.

     The first night he was here he cried a bit, but we all checked on him and he settled in.  Last night when we said goodnight there was no crying.  A little bit of wimper, but not much.  I was happy to think that he already knows he is safe here.

   He loves being in the car!   We bought him a car seat so that he could sit the kids and he thinks this is just wonderful.  He watched for a little while and then Ella sings to him and he falls sound asleep in the seat.

    He is very good natured.  I am surprised to realize he is already protective of us.  Someone  pulled into the driveway to drop something off and he barked and stood in front of me.   What a good boy he is.     I love how when he sits with me how he just puts one paw over my arm and then rests his head on the paw and falls fast asleep.    Everytime he sees me at my computer or sitting anywhere he gives me the cutest look and up he comes into my lap.

    We love him SO much!   Here are some pictures of his arrival as well as him in the seat.   He is truly a joy and we love having him here.
We will keep you posted on his new home.   Thank you for such a loving little guy.  :   )

Carla, Peter, Spencer, Ella and Logan Thomas
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Logan with his new family
Logan with his new family

Logan arriving to his new family
Logan arriving to his new family

Sorry still no pictures of Polly.  Just can't seem to get our act together on this.
She is now a whopping 2.25 lbs....Feistier than ever and loved to death.
We had to buy her a wadrobe to hold all of her clothes.  She has been a great
comfort to my sister who is almost finished with her cancer regimen.  
I want to get another dog for my mother.   She loves Polly and misses her.
I just am not sure of the timing.  Lots of things going on...
Let's stay in touch and I will let you know about the timing.  In the meantime I will
pester my sister to get some pictures taken to send to you.  
Hope all is well and you have a happy and healthy New Year.

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Shana and Kody with Brady, How Cute
Shana and Kody with Brady, How Cute
Hey Mrs. Elainea,
 It has been forever since I talked to you. I just wanted to let you know that Brady just turned 1! And he is doing WONDERFUL. Thank you soo much for this great puppy. Even though it took us a little while to get the potty training under control, we finally did and now he is perfect.  He thinks that he has to be with me or Kody ALL THE TIME. =) I enclosed some pictures of us that I took this summer. I thought you might like to see how big he is.  I recommend you to anyone that says they want a puppy. Again... thanks for Brady! He is precious and we love him tremendously. I also attached a picture of me, Brady, & my mom's dog Suzie... we went to take the picture and they both turned and looked at each other... I thought it was pretty humorous. Well good luck with your dogs. Thanks sooo much.
May God Bless You,

We purchased a yorkie puppy from you in July a couple of years ago named Terri.
We renamed her Princess Buttercup.  Her birth date is May 19th 2007. She only
weighs 4.5 lbs.  She is tiny!  She is black and silver with gold and silver
points.  She has some serious leaping abilities!!!  She can jump on our bed
which is about 39 inches tall with no problems.  She is very active and
absolutely loves to play ball and still wrestles with the stuffed puppy doll you
gave us. She keeps her sister (Angel our Maltese) busy as well as both of us. I
think she looks a lot like both her dad and her mom. 

We have some pictures we would like to send you so can we get an e-mail address
to send them to?  Also we were wondering if you have heard from any of the
adopting families to her brothers and sisters?  Do you know the coloring or
sizes of any of them or have any pictures? 



ButterCup with Chad and Kristine
ButterCup with Chad and Kristine

Buttercup and Chad and Kristine
Buttercup and Chad and Kristine

Oh my gosh!
How exciting!
Elainea!!!! whewww whew!!
Sara got her stitches out today and she is just great.
i gave her a hair cut myself and i like it better than the groomers cut!lol
i used to cut my standard poodles hair and that was a BIG chore as i scissor cut it!
she always looked beautiful too.
soooo sara has a new groomer!!! ha!
i cant wait to go the commercial! here i go....GOD bless.......



Yes she sleeps in between us.

 she is very healthy and she is a riot.

 We have totally fallen in love with her and cant imagine life without her.

 The vet said she is very healthy and perfect.

 Thank-you Elainea so much .

 She is perfect at 10 month's.

 The first time i put a leash on her,she took to it like she was born with one! it was amazing!

 I dress her all the time..and she acts no different with or without clothes.

 She knows she is pretty and she knows she's loved.

 I'm sending a few more pics of her i took yesterday(July 9th 2008).


Thank you ,Elainea!

Sara making herself right at home with Lori
Sara making herself right at home with Lori

Just wanted you to know how wonderful our little guy is.  Everyone, including the groomers, comment on how sweet, good and beautiful he is.  We love him more than I can tell you.
Have a blessed Christmas and know that Bentley is happy and well-cared for.  Who knows, if one as perfect as he comes along, we may be back to claim that one also.
With love,
Linda & Henry

Bentley with Linda
Bentley with Linda

Hi Elainea!

    Thank you for always including me in your emails.....I love getting them!

    I hope all is well with you & your family (& your adorable puppies! :-))


    Eliza (Cassie) will be turning a year old tomorrow...but we'll probably be celebrating her anniversary with us on Feb 27th when she came home to Lakeville , MA !

    What fun and joy she has brought to our family!  Cooper learned to live with her...and they like to play tug-a-toy often....she has SO much energy and is just the cutest little thing!


    My niece is campaigning with her parents to buy William from you!  :-) 

    His photo was on the computer all day on Thanksgiving....and we all ooh'd & aah'd all day about how sweet he is!

    I really hope they consider it!  They "puppy-sat" for a couple weekends for us....and absolutely fell in love with Eliza!


We wish you a very Merry Christmas
May Leen is doing great. 
She is 9.7 lbs according to the groomer today.  She is extremely smart and can learn anything we ask her to do! 
I'm trying to talk her dad into a brother or sister.  We'll see!!
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year!
Cindy Thompson -
May Leen  says "Merry Christmas"!!!!
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Abbie w/Pauls
Abbie w/Pauls

Hi Elainea! Just wanted to send you a picture of Bear “Addy” and let you know she is as sweet as can be! She is doing great! This pictures was taken during the summer after she got her haircut. I was thinking about getting another Yorkie probably in another 4-5 months and was wondering which parents would produce another Yorkie as small as Bear “Addy”? She is only about 2.5 – 3 lbs.
Hi Elainea-

Thank you for checking up on us! Everything is doing just fine.  Carly is totally opposite of Frisco, but we love them both and she is adjusting very well.  My husband and I are just enjoying time with them.  I have been given tons of compliments and have referred them to you.  Attached is a picture we took at Petsmart for their halloween.  I will send more pictures later.  Thank you again!


Frisco and Allie
Frisco and Allie

Gizmo with his happy family, Liz
Gizmo with his happy family, Liz
Hi Elaine,
How are you? Hope you are doing well. As for me and my family we are doing good. Gizmo is doing great as well. Here i send you some pictures of him spending his first Christmas with us. We wish you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Billy Bob ( Gizmo) looks like he is doing great with his family. They are enjoy their first Christmas together
Hi Elainea! Thanks for your note and Merry Christmas to you as well. We are truly enjoying Victoria/Gracie Marie. She is extremely smart and very curious as well as terrific company! She has a wonderful home here and we are very grateful to you!
Bill and LaRee

Hi Elainea-
Merry Christmas!  Those are some really good deals on the puppies!  I wish that I could get Ben a little sister right now, but not yet.  Maybe in another year or so.  He is doing great!  I love him to death, and I absolutely couldnt imagine my life without the little guy in it, and Marcel and him have bonded very well together!  Here are some recent pics of the little guy!  Talk to you soon!
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ongratulations!  I followed the links and it's easy to follow.
I checked on May just a few minute ago, she is doing great.  Today was the 'big' surgery day.  For the second time at the clinic, other yorkie owners were pleading with me to let her have puppies, she is so beautiful - I politely said, thanks so much, but I will leave that up to the professionals!  I always tell them about your websites in case they want to add to their family.
Always great to hear from you.
Cindy Thompson


That’s great…good luck with it!  You definitely have a great website!!  It’s one of the main reasons I called about Hunter (Jasper).  He’s doing great, by the way!  Gary has been slow to come around, but he’s getting there.  Jasper hung out with him yesterday and rested on the ottoman at his feet.  That’s unusual. J  He’s still tiny – about 3.2 lbs.  He’s practically there as far as housebreaking.  He still sleeps in his crate beside Hannah’s bed every night.  What a sweetie he is!!  Later, Misty


Hey Elainea,
Hey are photos of Cyndi and her little pups.  I tried to hold one and snap a picture, but Cyndi wasn't going for it.  They went today and had their dew claws removed and tails docked.  They are 2 days olds.
Linda Cooper

Hello, How are you?  I just wanted to check in and give you an update on little Ben.  He is doing great and is growing like a weed!  Last time we went to the vet he weighed in at 4.60 lbs!  We are going to the vet again on Wednesday for his final set of shots and he will be getting his rabies shot and then we are done.  Last time we went he had a rection to the shot for Lyme and he got really sick and I was freaking out!  But he was all better the next day, so I will be making sure that I stay home with him all day when he goes to the vet on Wed. just in case.  His baby teeth are getting loose!  I can actually move them with my finger and every time he is playing and chewing on his toys I get so scared because I know they are going to popping out at any time!  He is doing well with his potty training and he eats like a champ.  I am so very happy with him, he is my little boy and I love him to death!  Thank you again and keep in touch!
P.S- I will send some updated pictures soon : )

Rachel & Ben

Hi Elainea:
Well I decided I would dress Allie up for Halloween as Spiderman because today she somehow climbed out of the baby play pen I have her in with her bed and her toys!  I was in the kitchen, turned around and there she was!!!!
Gotta' love her!!!!!!   Sooooo full of mischief and energy.


Now that I have a dog, I find this hilarious !! Bo has all his shots
now. The last time was three shots and a banana tasting thing. He
absolutely doesn't appreciate the shot thing. He just howls. Continues
to howl long after the shot is over. Okay, hold him for THREE. One of
which was rabies. Cruel. His first round of shots I just thought he was
showing me attitude. This time it was explained that the shots would
probably make him very lethargic, and generally off his food, etc. They
did not tell me that he would sharply yelp at me when I tried to pick
him up the next morning. I figured he must be sore and this upset me
because I couldn't do anything to help him, not even pick him up and
love him. Broke my heart. I could do with the off his food. Using the
saying "what goes in must come out" I was good with that. When he did
start moving around I think he was pretty goofy, just not himself.
Definitely more aggressive. Strange behavior. Must be the rabies thing.
He is good now. Back to pooping on the carpet and worse yet, piddling.
He is funny. He has gotten the idea he can lift his leg now which makes
spotting it easier for the dash to the door. Just one problem. I don't
move like a 20 year old now. Oh well, such is life.

He is 3 lbs and 8 oz. I think he will be bigger than I wanted but I
wouldn't give him up for anything. Besides, when I want to look at
little dog, I give him a bath which he is really is not too keen on. I
do love to watch him do Mach 60 through the house either side or on his
head, depending on what he is drying. We took him to Montana to visit
Mike's sisters. He did wonderful. It was 1100 miles round trip. On the
way home we stopped at a gas station and I took him to a grassy spot. He
piddled. On the way back to the car for Cheerios, in between the rear of
my car and the car behind me filling, suddenly he jerked on the leash
practically spinning me around. He had already assumed the position. Too
late to stop the inevitable. Very funny, a little embarrassing but
scooped the poo up and we went on our way.

He has a couple of doggie friends, well at least everything and
everybody he meets is his friend. My sister in law has a large cat that
is the terror of the ranch. She hid almost the whole time we were there.
The taco poo mix that she has was chased all the first day and then the
second day they were best buds to include sharing food, toys and bed.
Then there is Bear. Huge !! Bo comes to just below Bear's knee. He just
stood there and took Bo's abuse. What a well trained beast of a dog.
Mike is 6' and the dog can stand and look him in the eye. On the home
front he has Cie (sigh). She is a terrier of some sort, wiry short hair.
Looks like a he as Bo looks like a she. Cie is three and is very agile
and FAST. Sill, Cie is caged (deconditioned for entertaining a puppy
probably) and Bo is . . . well very energetic around company and never
caged. (He stays in the master bathroom when we are at work with bed,
toys, food, water and piddle pad.) My little hair ball chased until they
were both wore out. Bo slept most of the next day. My daughter in law
said Cie did also.

Things are progressing very well. I think Bo is spoiled and truly loved
by both of us. He sits with Mike most of the evening whether Mike likes
it or not because Mike taught him how to climb his legs to get into the
chair (snicker) and Mike takes him out first thing in the morning. They
are getting along just great. Well just thought I would let you know
that we love our little fur ball and are happy with him. He continues to
bring a lot of joy into our lives.

Melody and Mike ( Bogart's parents)

Hello Elainea,

   How are you and your family? Hopefully doing well. How is the baby? When we spoke last he was still such a little thing. Im sure he is so big now. Sorry its been a while but we have really been enjoying the babies ( Lulu and Pickle). Lulu is a true girly girl! But what I love about her the most is how independent she is. She can hold her own with or without Pickle there by her side. Pickle on the other hand, he is truly lost without her. hahaha Even though she is the boss of the two they are so close and just get along so well together. Im so happy I got them both. They are such wonderful babies. They are everything we could have ever asked for. They look so different now!  They have really grown to be such BEAUTIFUL babies. I get stopped a lot on how silky, soft and shiny their coat's are. I have taken recent pictures and will be sending them very soon!  We are so happy to have found you and appreciate how wonderful you made the experience for me and my family.

         Thanks again,        

Mommy of Jeremiah and Anna

Hi Elainea,
We just got home on Sunday and wanted to let you know how happy to see you and tour your kennel we where glad to see how professional your breeding is for anyone who is in doubt.
We seen Abbies parents and had a great visit with you and your daughter.
Thanks for your hospitilly. We saw the pictures of us and Abbie you put on your website.
Don and Miyo Wilson

i Elainea,

Here are a few pictures to let you know Joey (now Jimi) is doing quite 
well. He had a great night, playing with his new pal Zoe who is about 
12 lbs...and who he immediately commanded!! It was SO funny! He saw 
her and immediately started barking and growling (on her turf), so we 
had some lessons on being kind and respectful. He quickly warmed up 
and ran around with her for awhile. Zoe has a big, big yard that Jimi 
LOVES! I think we'll be over there playing a LOT in the next few weeks 
before it snows.

Tonight he's EXHAUSTED, but very, very content. We'll try him in his 
bed and see how he does...if not, he may be happier in his kennel for 
the night. He seemed pretty happy and content and follows me ALL 
around the house! I'm SO happy to have him here! He's just PERFECT!!

Here are a few pictures and I'll try to send more tomorrow when he 
wakes up! :)

Thanks again, SO much certainly provide happy, sweet, 
well adjusted puppies!!!


This is the first opportunity I have had to get close to my computer. 
Bogart is a riot.  Took to us right off.  The Nutri-Stat stuff turned
Bogart into a different puppy.  Thanks for calling and reminding me.  He
totally livened up.   I had a diaper on him in the Mall where my
daughter works and he was just totally humiliated.   What a goof ball. 
He survived the trip home just fine.  We crashed.  Had every intention
of going out to the pet store and getting him a bed and stuff.  That
didn't happen.  The first night we put him back in the crate  and went
to bed.  I have never heard such a loud noise coming from something so
small.  Couldn't take it.  Brought the crate into the bedroom and
climbed back into bed.  As long as my hand was on the crate, he would be
silent.  Well my bed is very high which meant that I was reaching half
off the bed down to him.  That certainly didn't last very long.  He
ended up in the bed with us.  Figured he wouldn't soil the bed.  About
4:30 AM both Mike and I sat straight up and grabbed for Bogart who was
headed toward the foot of the bed.  I jumped up and headed for the back
door without my robe, let Bogart down outside and went in search for my
robe and there was a loud crashing sound from the storm door.  I opened
the door, looked out and Bogart rushed past me.  He headed straight down
the hall to my office and promptly pooped.  He did piddle on the deck,
but honored my office carpet.  We spent the day together bonding
(sleeping).  He got to the vet okay and stitches were removed.  He is on
an antibiotic now for a cough.  Vet said wasn't kennel cough but just to
be on the safe side.  Little did I know how fun that was going to be. 
Last night Mike held Bogart while I tried to pry open mouth and
administer syringe antibiotic.  Bogart was absolutely pissed and made no
bones about it.  It took five minutes before he would even acknowledge
his Cheerios.  We put him in his kennel and turned on some quiet music
and left a night light on and sure enough the noise began again.  We
ignored it.  Both of us were too tired to let it bother us knowing he
was fine.  It didn't last long.  This morning, Mike was the first up,
took Bogart outside.  He piddled and came in.  Looked over at him and he
was pooping on the carpet.  Mike picked him up and rushed him outside. 
Nothing . . .  brought him back in.  Mike started making his lunch and
Bogart pooped on the kitchen floor right behind Mike.  Took him back
outside.  Remembered to give the antibiotic.  It took two fully grown
adults to hold down a 2.5 lb puppy to administer it.  We could have used
some more help.  I came home early from work today as he was left
alone.  He was upset when we left.  When I walked in the door he
reminded me he was here.  When I opened the door he continued to show
attitude.  He has never barked except when we put him to bed.  I got a
full earful all the way outside, during unloading the car and pretty
much up until I got on the computer.  He is now at my feet.  Must have
forgiven me for leaving him now.  He is truly a card.  I can't tell you
how much we are enjoying him.  Glad it is the weekend and I don't have
to leave him.  He has an appointment for shots on 8/29.  So will this be
his second set or third set?  Vet reception person said it would be his
2nd set and then in three weeks, he would have another with the rabies. 
Is this right for Bogart?  He pretty much isn't welcome anywhere without
the rabies, had him groomed last night.  Sure smells better and coat
looks healthier.  Groomer made an exception for Bogart as he is so young
(and cute).  He did very well.  You are one special lady.  I am telling
everyone where he came from.  Well must get on with work.

Thank you so much for my bundle of joy.


his is Bentley on the day he went home with Linda and Henry and their grandchildren

All those puppies that have decided on who THEY will own are so precious, but I must tell them that OUR BENTLY ROLLS is the best Yorkie in the world...our entire family concurs!  In just two weeks he has trained us well.  He has had only a couple of "mistakes" indoors, so I can honestly testify that Bently is also the smartest Yorkie ever!
He loves us ALMOST as much as we love him.  He immediately adapted to our busy schedule.  There were 23 people in my kitchen the other night...I, the hostess, had forgotten to put him in his crate.  A few minutes later I remembered, looked down, and there he was, laying comfortably in his cushioned bed, casually observing the group with absolutely no fear.  He does not meet a stranger and is curious, lively and loving.  Elainea, I will highly recommend you to everyone who would like to be owned by one of your Yorkies. 


ello Elainea-

Just wanted to let you know that I received your package in the mail.  Thank you.  Ben (Amos) is doing great.  He is the best puppy.  He gets plenty of loving and likes the attention!  Here are a couple of pics! 


We can't tell you how thrilled we are with her!!!!  (ALLIE)  She managed to spend some time in each of my sons' rooms with them when we got home last nite ... she has won every one of our hearts. 

Thank you for all you have done to make this puppy adoption a great experience.

She goes to the vet today.


Hope you are having a great summer.  I'm sending updates on May Leen.  She's doing great as you can see by the photo's.  The whole family loves her and spoils her. She continues to grow like a weed and weighs 4 lbs or more.
I've registered her as May Leen Pea-Jay in honor of her mom and dad. 
She is a barrel of energy and the best little thing.  We take her "joy" riding and camping, she's a really good rider and is very patient.  She rarely barks, sometimes at other dogs, but mainly when she smells or senses something rabbits, horses, deer, or wild hogs she spots along the road. She loves being outside!
Continue to keep in touch.  And thanks again for raising such a sweetie.  We love her!
Cindy Thompson

J.J. has been great since we got him.  He passed his first vet check and has made himself right at home here.  He stays in his crate at night and doesn't even cry!  We are all having a great time with him.  Thanks for the good puppy!


Here are some recent pics of Richie.. and some of our newest family member, Bucky.  J


Richie is the greatest ever.  I don’t think I could love him any more than I do now.  He’s doing really good with potty training, he’s almost official!  J  He sleeps with us (ME).. he knows he’s MY baby.  He follows me everywhere and listens better than any animal or child… he is just the best.  I am SO thankful I picked him.. something told me he was THE ONE.  I just love him…  He’s a loving little dude and cracks me up STILL when he runs.  It is so entertaining to watch.  Not that I needed a lift, but he has really lifted my spirits overall and I’m so thankful that I found you so I could find HIM.  He rocks. 


Hope you enjoy these pics, it’s amazing how sweet he is.  


Jori A. Reynolds


Wanted to tell you that the puppy "Bentley" is doing great. He made it home wonderfully. Sarah took him to the vet yesterday and he weighed 3lbs. They said he checked out and was in great health. Thanks again and we will be sending you pictures later this week.


Jeremy Burnett

Thanks for all you done my wife and daughter love the pup,
his new name is
BAM-BAM,  again thanks and i well be spredding the word out about your
site and the nice puppys you have  - Angelo

Mrs. Allen,

            Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great Christmas!! Bentley is doing great. He is adorable, loves everyone, and isn’t scared of anything. His ears are up now, though his right one is still a little floppy. We just wanted to send you some pictures of him in his new home. Thanks.


 Jeremy, Sarah, and Bentley


Wanted to let you know Cindy is doing great. She made herself right at home and didn't have any problems adjusting to living indoors. She is my lap baby. She follows me everywhere and Johnny calls her Momma's baby. She has even taken up residence in our bed...... Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.
Linda Cooper

Helllo Elainea!
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.
We've had such a nice (and busy!) day.....
Eliza is doing so well, we can hardly get over it.  She seemed nervous and very quiet at first when we picked her up & was thirsty.  We offered her some water & she took it right away & then fell asleep for most of the ride home.
When she got home, she had lots of fun running around, exploring the house....we forgot how easy it is for puppies to get into (and under!) things.  We quickly learned that barricading her into one room was a whole lot easier to manage then letting her have the run of the house.....although she likes that already! 
She ate really well today & did her the living room, unfortunately.  :)  oops!
We have a nice pen for her that has plenty of room for her soft fluffy new bed, (throne! :), which she already seems to love & has curled up in for a nicely for naps twice already!  There's room in it for the "indoor potty", aka, "fancy pee pad holder"...(it was pink & cute...I couldn't resist! & it holds the pad in place....she already tried chewing up another pad I had put down.) - & she's already had success after one of her naps going on it!  - yay! two cheerios for that! I'm fine if she trains first to go on the's cold out there tonight! & the next few days look like they'll be pretty cold too.
Cooper - well, I have to say we're surprised with his reaction to her so far.....She saw him & immediately wanted to play.  He's afraid of her & runs away or onto the furniture to get away from her.  I'm hoping this will pass, but so far, he clearly seems to be wondering what the heck is going on.....watching very closely when any of us is holding or playing with her.  (We made it a point to spend a lot of time playing and cuddling with him today too.)  Is this a common reaction?  Do you think he'll just need some time to adjust?  We hope so....poor little guy. :(  She just seems to want to play...but he doesn't know what to make of it.  At least he's now spending time in the same room as her....but at a distance. 
She's in her pen sleeping now, but I expect my husband to come in from work any minute, & I'm sure we'll have some more play-time before we call it a night.  (I forget how busy it is with a puppy in the house! - but it's fun!)
Thank you again so much.  Eliza is a sweetie.  It was a pleasure talking with you throughout this whole process, & we would absolutely pass on your flyer with high recommendations to anyone interested in bringing home a beautiful yorkie like Eliza.  Your website is so nice, & I just love how you express your faith throughout. 
Will be in touch again soon.....
With thanks,

ood morning!
Just thought I'd let you know that everything went great with Eliza's first vist to the vet! Shes very healthy and happy and doing really well here. She seems to LOVE her new home.....and us! She had succes going potty in the snow! She is very sensitive to the cold  We are careful to keep her warm.
Hope all is well with you.
Best regards,



I thought I had sent you a quick note a week or so I’ll see what I can dig up & I will get you some pics sent out ASAP.  Richie is wonderful, we couldn’t be happier with him. Potty training isn’t as much fun but he is so worth it.  He’s just now getting to the point where he’ll actually pee (sometimes) on the paper.  He is the best!!  And when he runs, I get so tickled.  I laugh so hard, I about cry.  My daughter makes fun of me!  J  He is just soooo spunky and a lot of fun.  He’s a quick little dude, too.  Those legs can GO!!


The Vet said Richie looks, feels, and sounds great.  She also said he even seems happy.  She said these little dogs can sometimes be hard to read but she thought he was very happy.  She, too, along with everyone we have seen with him just go crazy over him.  I’ve given your website and a good word to several so far. 


Best wishes and hope to talk to you again soon!


Jori Reynolds

Hi Elainea,
I wanted to send the picture of Rachel and Victor. He really likes her, she doesn't know about him yet. She slept with us last night. She curled up next to me, and slept all night. She has been following me around everywhere I go. I also took her by my vet this morning, and Dr. Wallace said she was great. Thanks again.

I am so sorry it has been so long since I wrote you.  Sammy (Festus) is
doing absolutely wonderfully!  He has the best disposition and is so
sweet with the kids.  He is enjoying playing with his new friend, a 90
pound Golden Retriever named Fenway.  He is just an absolute sweetheart.
  Everyone comments on how cute his little face is.  His eyes are
bright and alert and he goes everywhere I go.  He is my constant shadow.
  Thank you for raising such a sweet, adorable, friendly and lively little
guy.  He truly has become a member of our family from the first moment
we laid eyes on him.

Melissa Allen

Hi Elainea,
Just wanted to drop you a line on how Rachel is doing. She is doing great, she is not having any accidents now, she goes only on the paper. And of course she is an inside girl, she loves to sleep with me, so I guess she is my bed buddy.  She is picking up my routine pretty quick, and knows when it is time for bed. She is really playful, especially first thing when we get up. She follows me around, and when I have to go outside, she waits on me to come back in. She is a sweety. Needless to say she is very spoiled. I think Victor is a little jealous. I am sending you some more pictures of my girl.

We took Abbie for her vet checkup yesterday and all was fine. She had a loose bowel problem for a few days but that has been better now.
She has adjusted to are home already but are other female dog has not adjusted to her yet, she dosen't like when Abbie charges her. Every day that gets a little better also.
We just love her and are trying to get her to potty outside to house break her. She already goes through the two dogie doors.
Thanks again for all you done to make it easy to get her.
Don and Miyo

I believe Michael would be thrilled to be on your website.  He and Sammy are the best of buddies.  Michael has really taken on the responsibility of taking care of him and is doing an absolutely marvelous job.  Sammy looks forward to seeing him everyday after school.  When we pull up to the school, he whines and runs around the car until Michael gets in.  He just loves him so much.  Megan has come a long way with Sammy.  She now holds him, puts her face, right up to his and gives nose loves.  She loves to take him for a walk  and they run around chasing each other.  It is so cute.  They are not afraid of dogs anymore.  They actually will go up to the owner, ask if they can pet their dog.  This was absolutely unheard of before we got Sammy.  My children were petrified and would run away or move to the opposite side of the street if there was a dog.   The other day, Sammy had a playdate with a Golden Retriever, a rather large one and Megan was a little nervous at first and then was just fine.  She started playing chase with Fenway.  It was so wonderful to see her not afraid. 
Anyway,  have a fantastic friday!

Hey Mrs. Elainea,
 Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but Brady has kept me SOOO busy.  He got here around 11:30ish.. He was not tired at ALL. :) I took him out and tried to get him to use the bathroom, but of course, he waited until he got in the dorm room to doo doo and pee.. ha! I let him play for like an hour and a half and then I tried to put him in this laundry basket with a blanket in it... to let him sleep... HA HA ...that was funny. He basically looked at me like I was an idiot.. started whining big of course..I let him out and he slept with me all night. He got up and before I could get him outside... he peed again. Then we got in the car and headed hiome.  He didn't pee inside our house at all. He has been doodying and peeing outside today as well. Kody just sent me a txt message and said that they just got back from church...and Brady had pooped in his carrier. So Kody gave him a bath... his mom dried him off.. and Kody was currently cleaning out the carrier. :) They ended up staying at church a little longer than they planned. He is so precious an I love him very much. Our vet could not get him until Monday, but I think he is absolutely fine. He will NOT eat the cheerios though. I have tried to give them to him and he REFUSES... I don't know what's going on with that. As far as our dog Suzie liking him... that's a NO... he thinks it's funny to run up to her and lick her nose...she however, does not agree with his joke. ha... mom said she will get used to him eventually. Ok well I'm sorry it took so long, but he's been keeping me busy. I am going to take some pictures this weekend and send them to you. :) I called you yesterday,but you didn't answer so I left you a message to let you know he was ok. :) I hope you got it. :)
Ok talk to you soon!
Thanks SOO much,
Shana Polston

HI Elainea,

Hope when you read this email that you and your family are in the best of health. As for my family and i we are doing well. I just thought i would write you an email and let you know how Gizmo (Billy Bob) is doing so thats why i sent you those pictures. Sorry about the email before i didn't notice that it was written  in symbols............LOL


Dear Elainea,
Just a note to tell you about my little genius, Bentley.  He started puppy kindergarten this week.  Since Tuesday he has mastered, "SIT," "DOWN," AND "STAY!"  He is wonderful about his potty training.  I'm embarrassed to say that I DO let him sleep with us and he patiently waits until I wake up, which can be 8-10 hours after we have gone to bed.  We then go outside for a potty stop before breakfast.  He had his first professional "barber" appointment this week and was wonderful for them too.  He does particularly well during our socializing time with large dogs.  The smaller ones who are yippy, however, don't appeal to Bentley very much, but Golden's and Labs are his best buddies after a few moments of "getting to know you."  Not sure if I've told you before, but Bentley is the very best dog in the entire world and we love him beyond belief.  Keep up the good work in breeding these precious babies!
Linda Udouj

Hi Elainea:
Just wanted to let you know that Allie's cough is 99.9% gone....just like the vet said, it takes a while.
She is soooo full of much so that she climbs out of the playpen she used to sleep in....emphasis on "USED TO".  Now she sleeps on my pillow at my Rick has taken makes me look like I have a hairpiece on!!!
She has silver growing in all over and right now looks like a person that needs to have their dye job re-done!!!
Can't tell you how much we all love her...Oscar and she play all day together and snuggle up together too!
Hope all is well with you!

family Linda and Henry

Dear Elainea,
Just a note to tell you about my little genius, Bentley.  He started puppy kindergarten this week.  Since Tuesday he has mastered, "SIT," "DOWN," AND "STAY!"  He is wonderful about his potty training.  I'm embarrassed to say that I DO let him sleep with us and he patiently waits until I wake up, which can be 8-10 hours after we have gone to bed.  We then go outside for a potty stop before breakfast.  He had his first professional "barber" appointment this week and was wonderful for them too.  He does particularly well during our socializing time with large dogs.  The smaller ones who are yippy, however, don't appeal to Bentley very much, but Golden's and Labs are his best buddies after a few moments of "getting to know you."  Not sure if I've told you before, but Bentley is the very best dog in the entire world and we love him beyond belief.  Keep up the good work in breeding these precious babies!
Linda Udouj

Hi Elainea
How are you? I justed wanted to let you know my new baby is doing great. He fit right into our family! He is really sweet..we all love him very much! Thanks. I see his brother and sister are still looking for a home. If they do not get adopted soon I may want one of them. It would take an awful lot of persuading to my husband but we'll see what happens! I hope you had a nice holiday!  Amy

Hi Elainea
Gavin could never be better!! he loves playing with his toys hes got quite a few now and his appetite is great! he is quite the lil cuddler only with me though he'll play w everyone but when its time to cuddle he wants me i love it!! have a great christmas!

heres a few pictures of Bruiser heheh. His doing soo well. His such a ham. He recently has the sniffes do you think thats normal? You really did amazing job with him. he has a fan club.

just like his mom.
Hi Elainea,
I thought you would be interested to know.
Dolce (DJ) is growing up wonderfully and is truely the baby of the family! We love him to death and can't imagine our lives without him. So enlight of his first birthday coming up on Tuesday. I threw him a first birthday party yesterday (doggy catered and all!). I have attached some pictures (from the party and others - he loves the camera). Thank you again for all that you did for him and I know where to come when I get my next yorkie!
Thank you,
Michelle Della Fortuna

hank you Elainea,
     Everything is great. He is such a sweetheart and you are right he really is a baby. It's funny! He fell in love with my husband right off the get go. My husband thinks it's great. He said finally We have an animal that likes me instead of you. So everyone is happy but I'm a little jealous. I don't get to hold babies very often and he would much rather be with my husband. Every time I hold him when we are sitting on the couch, right away he jumps out of my lap to go to my husband.
     I'm sure it will take AKC awhile. I think it took about a month to get minette's papers.
Thank you so much Elainea, He is awsome.
Talk to you soon
Comments: Hello! Just seeing how things are. I noticed you updated your page and it looks pretty good!! I see you added some adopted pictures, but where is Bradley? He's still not on there =( Poor Bradley, hahaha!! We did take him to the vet and I forgot to send you a message. He is healthy as can be and everyone there just loved him!! They asked where I got him from and I told them about you! The workers wanted to know and people with other animals wanted to know. They said he is too cute with his silver and his little face. Looks like a teddy bear and so photogenic!! People stop me all the time when we are out just to tell me he is the cutest thing. They even stop in the road when I have him outside to ask about him!! We went to Dallas and took him with us and a lady driving by stopped in the middle of the busy road just to ask where we got Bradley from and what kind of dog he was cause she liked him so much when she seen him when she drove by. It's amazing all the attentio
n he gets!! So thanks again for a happy, healthy, beautiful, and very loving little baby!! He is spoiled rotten to the core.

Bradley loves my sons spongebob chair! Most of the time he sleeps there instead of his own bed! We took him for his first fishing trip too. He loved the fish, haha!! He was very curious about them.
Moose brings all sorts of attention wherever we go.  People think he is some sort of new fancy designer bread because of his legs.
I think his legs make him extra extra cute.    He also has a tongue to match!   We laugh when he sticks his tongue out  - its as long as his legs !   :  )       Logan has the huge ears and Moose has the long legs.   So cute in their own ways !

Logan has gotten used to Moose and i think he will actually start to like him more once Moose grows up a bit.   Moose is still so much of a puppy and pounces on Logan all the time trying to entice him to play, but Logan just can't be bothered.    Their personalities are totally different and I laugh because their personalities are very much like my two children.   Totally different, but totally cute in their own ways.

I have a friend who is a dog trainer who is coming by because Moose still does not want to be trained to go to the bathroom outside.
He goes when I bring him out, but then he walks inside and goes on the floor whenever he feels like it.    There does not seem to be any pattern to it and its always in a different spot and I just can't figure it out.    And…….sometimes he jumps up on the furniture and pees .  Yet he looks right at me and wags his tail.  So I am hoping my friend can give us some tips on how to help.    
Other than that he is just about the cutest thing on the planet !

The person at the campground I think was from Connecticut, but they were in a car trying to check in or out and they called over to us when we were walking our dogs to talk about the dogs.  ( theirs looked just like Logan  but was a girl.)  We were saying their dog looked so much like Logan and they said theirs came from Arkansas and I said you name and we both couldn't believe it !!!!!
But then they had to go because it was their turn in line and we never saw them again.  I wanted to get her name to tell you.
We meet so many yorkies when we are camping and people have some pretty sad or shady stories about where they got their dogs.  I always tell people about you !   Two great experiences and two great dogs.    People most commonly say that no one would answer any questions for them about the dog they got and/ or they never saw a pictures.     I would have been leary if i were them.

Hope all is well.  Will post pics soon of the dogs.


Moose and Logan making their home with Carla and family
Moose and Logan getting ready for bed
Hi ,
Willow made the trip fantastic. She is everything we hoped she would be like.
We soon found out that she barks when she has to use the potty.
We took her to Petco for a bath and we went to our store. That was I don't know
what time you called and we were busy with customers and missed your call
we just got home 9:30pm. She slept in my chair at the store while we worked.
She is just wonderful. Thanks so much. Our other Yorkie acts like she was here all the time.
She made the trip very well.
Thanks again,

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