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The yorkies for sale here at Yorkies by Elainea come with bigger than life personalities that is perfect for the family pet or just a companion.  These Arkansas yorkies will be the larger yorkies to the cheap A+ quality to the teacup yorkie puppies of the smaller size.  You will also see the traditional Black and Tan to the Parti Colored yorkie puppies.   They all are really sweet little yorkie puppies and very healthy.  Please continue to read all about my little Arkansas yorkies on all the different pages .
Yorkies by Elainea is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Parks, AR


Parks, AR 72950

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Please be careful when searching for your new fur baby.
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AKC Yorkie Puppies For Sale
  Standard Size
5 to 7 pounds

  This Gorgeous little girl is of AKC Standards for the Yorkshire Terrier. She is expected to be  5 pounds as a full grown yorkie.

This picture is a trade mark and belongs to
Yorkies by


Teacup Yorkie Puppies

The Teacup Yorkies are known for their tiny features and sizes.  They are smaller than the AKC Standard size

This pictures is a trade mark and belongs to
Yorkies by Elainea


AKC Teacup Parti Yorkies
The Teacup Parti Yorkies are AKC registered with all the DNA provided with the puppy papers. 

This pictures belongs to Yorkies by Elainea and
Lori's Loveable Pups
Yorkshire Terrier Breeder Statement
by Elainea Allen

 I, Elainea Allen, offer Yorkie puppies for sale.
As an  Arkansas Yorkshire Terrier Breeder I offer the Parti Yorkies and
the traditional yorkie puppies for sale.  They are all of AKC
Standard Size.  I will sometime have the smaller or tiny yorkies.
These little dogs are what is sometimes termed as Teacup Yorkie puppies. All my Yorkie Puppies are registered with America's Pet Registry (APRI) or American Kennel Club (AKC).
Sometimes I will have a little larger and older yorkie puppy or Sires and Dams that are retiring that will be available for a small adoption fee of $300 or less. You can see them in the
Yorkies for Adoption Section..
    Being passionate about the welfare of the yorkie puppie, I have decided to wait until the puppies are at least twelve weeks of age before I place   them for sale.  By then they will have received three of  their Parvovirus Vaccine Puppy shots. Please visit the important
yorkie information section

Please continue to read about me and my family on the
About us page. And take a look at all the yorkie puppies for sale
on their link.  Visit the  testimonials and Guest Book section from my loyal customers using the links at the left.

  Thank you for visiting 
Yorkies By Elainea!




Eating is very important

Don’t let them fool you into thinking

they are eating enough of the dry food.

The first three days are very important.

It is very very important that you see

them eat a good hearty breakfast around

7 am, and Lunch time and supper time.

You have to see them licking and

eating. And snacks between meals.

Normal play, following you around,

wanting your attention and being

playful is the Normal. Napping every

few hours is Normal. Sleeping all the

time is Not Normal.


Call me if you have any low sugar

issues, very important to let me know

what is going on.

Thanks Elainea 479-577-2650 or





Eating Primal Nuggets is the one food

that they love and will eat it any time.

You mix it with plenty of water to make

it soupy. To hydrate it back.


You can add some Goats Milk,

Evaporated Can Milk, Drop of Syrup,

dash of salt, drizzle of Coconut oil,

Drop of Honey, Chunk Chicken in

Water, %100 Pumpkin, Cottage Cheese,

American Cheese, Egg, Bacon, Honey

Nut Cheerio, Little Cesar's, Peanut

butter, Nutria Cal.

Always have a syringe handy just in

case you have to syringe the liquid in

their mouth during a low sugar. They

will drink Goats Milk or Evaporated




New Feature from PayPal
You the customer, have an option to let Paypal finance your purchase of the yorkie puppy up to 6 months interest free.  You will need a paypal account to be able to use this new Paypal tool.  For more information about this PayPal feature call 888-215-5506 to talk to their customer service department.


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